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Love God | Serve Others

FAQs About Our Congregation

Q: What are churches of Christ

A: Churches of Christ are independent, local churches made up of Christians whose hearts are knit together by love for Jesus and common
belief in the New Testament as His revealed will.

We believe the mark of a great church is whether or not that church follows the words of Jesus. The unity enjoyed in churches of Christ is based upon shared beliefs and practices set forth by Christ in Scripture. Our goal is to please God by going back to the Bible to see how he would have us worship and live. Our three-fold mission is to proclaim forgiveness through Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection; to share Christ’s love by helping people in need; and to encourage spiritual growth and service among Christians as we look forward to Jesus’ return. We are committed to doing things the Bible way.

In all matters of religious practice, we seek to do what is so clearly biblical that everyone can participate in good conscience and in full fellowship with others.

We have no denominational name or affiliation and prefer simply to be called Christians. We are simply members of the church which Jesus
established and for which He died. That, incidentally, is why we wear His name. The term “church of Christ” is not used as a denomination, but rather as a descriptive term indicating that the church belongs to Christ.  We recognize our own personal shortcomings and weaknesses, and this is all the more reason for wanting to carefully follow the all sufficient and perfect plan God has for the church.

Q: Do the elders have a long-term plan for church growth?

A: Absolutely! Thriving churches must be positive and proactive. The elders, deacons, and minister meet to set short and long-term goals for
spiritual and numerical growth. We are committed to church growth though church health and friendship evangelism.

Q: What activities do you have for young people?

A: You will have a hard time finding a congregation more committed to the spiritual development of young people than Highland. In addition to specialized ministries for youth, elementary age children, and preschoolers, we also have numerous family activities. Highland is a church where faith grows stronger as families grow closer! We are actively involved with our young children, King’s Kids. We have retreats, camps, Vacation Bible School, area-wide devotionals, home devotionals, service projects, and lots of just-for-fun trips.

We are committed to having a quality youth program that is second-to-none.

Q: What mission and benevolent works do you support?

A: Currently, we are supporting foreign mission efforts in a wide-ranging effort to “preach the gospel to all nations.” We would love to set up an appointment for you to speak with one of our active deacons involved in missions work overseas.

Our greatest mission work is continual outreach to our own community through a constant emphasis on friendship evangelism.